Young children holding Orbis banner at event

Fundraising Tips & Tricks for Giving Tuesday!

Want to join in and fundraise for Giving Tuesday, but aren’t sure where to start? Look no further, we’ve got some different opportunities on our Get Involved page and some great tips and tricks below to help spread the word and raise some money!

Step 1 - Brainstorm
There are so many fun ways you can fundraise for Orbis this Giving Tuesday. Here are a few simple ideas to inspire you, motivate you and spark your creativity to get you thinking.

  • Hosting a bake sale or garage sale;
  • Creating a 50/50 draw at work;
  • Holding a causal clothing day at work for people who donate or a BBQ lunch;
  • Hosting a karaoke night or community concert;
  • Organizing a sports tournament.

Step 2 - Let Orbis Know & Set up an Online Fundraising Page
Once you've come up with your initial idea, let us know! We can provide you with all the support and resources you're going to need for a successful fundraiser. We can also help you set up your online fundraising page.

  • Contact Emily at
  • You can personalize your online fundraising page with details about your fundraiser or event, information about Orbis, as well as why it's important to you for people to help support and donate to your campaign this Giving Tuesday. 

Step 3 - Get Organized & Create a Plan
It's really important to create a plan and a schedule to make sure everything gets done and on time. Setting a fundraising goal will help motivate you and your team to do your best throughout the whole process.

  • Set a realistic fundraising goal and reach out to family, friends and colleagues for support.
  • For an event, make sure to consider the budget, committee members, date, time, venue, entertainment, food & beverage, and prizing for your participants.
  • You can download our sample event plan and event budget to help you get started.

Step 4 - Spread the Word & Tell Everyone
Whether it's your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, the entire neighbourhood, your community or the general public, TELL EVERYONE! Then tell everyone again... and tell everyone to tell everyone else!

  • Use your social networks - post on your social accounts early and often and tag @OrbisCA (Facebook & Twitter) @OrbisCanada (Instagram) to encourage your followers to share or donate!
  • Create posters to put up flyers or brochures to hand out around your community, school or at your workplace.

Step 5 - Enjoy the Journey!
Make sure to enjoy the process and the final outcome of your fundraising efforts. We greatly appreciate all your hard work and so should you!

  • Have fun educating your friends, family or co-workers on Orbis and the work we do around the world.
  • Post on social media throughout your event or fundraiser, give out brochures to attendees or passersby’s so they can learn more about Orbis.

Step 6 - Say Thank you
If there was ever a time to say thank you, this is it! Make sure to let your supporters, donors, participants, attendees, committee and volunteers know that all their support was appreciated.

  • Thank them with a phone call, text or email, publicly at the event, on your personal fundraising page or on social media.
  • You can download our sample thank you letter or create one of your own.