World Sight Day 2018 - World Sight Day 2018
Lisa McKeen

Orbis Canada

Think about it - we get our eyes tested without skipping a beat. Unnecessary blindness in Canada is not an issue, largely because we have easy access to eye care services, starting from a very young age. Not the case in many countries in Asia and Africa and other places Orbis works. Millions of children will go blind needlessly - because they did not have access to a simple procedure that takes 30 minutes and $100. to fix. 

On Giving Tuesday, and throughout the month of December, I am reaching out to my people - asking for your support. I have a $5000 goal - so I will need the help of many. No gift is too small. Please consider making this one of your charitable contributions in the Season of Giving as we wind down 2017. 

Our Canadian volunteer doctors, nurses and technicians have accomplished great things together – changing millions of lives - but there's still more to do. Please join me in making that happen! 

Remember – It only takes $50 to save the sight of an adult and $100 to restore the sight of a child!


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