Team of Canada VFs

About Our Canadian Heroes

Over 400 expert medical volunteers come from all corners of the globe offer their time and expertise to help eliminate unnecessary blindness – about 20% of these incredible people are Canadian. Our surgeons, doctors, nurses, anesthetists, residents and technicians have been contributing year after year, travelling to the most remote places around the world to bring the gift of sight to children and adults.

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About Our World Sight Day Campaign

Celebrate our Canadian Heroes!

To mark World Sight Day in Canada, we are celebrating the incredible group of Canadian surgeons, doctors, nurses, anesthetists, residents and technicians who have volunteered their time and expertise to travel all over the world in the fight to end unnecessary blindness. They are called VFs (Volunteer Faculty) and without them, the work of Orbis would not be possible.

Join us as we celebrate these incredible people!

Donate what you can to help get our Canadian doctors to countries where they can restore vision for children in regions where there is little or no access to quality eye care.

$50 Adult

Save the Sight of an Adult

Just $50 can save a Mom or Dad’s vision and allow them to work; look after their children; and participate in their community.
$100 Child

Save the Sight of a Child

Just $100 can save a child’s vision and open up a life of possibility!

About Orbis

Imagine losing your sight in one of the poorest regions in the world. Where would you turn for help? With very few skilled eye doctors or quality medical centres, your chances of receiving the right kind of care are small. As your sight gets worse, your chances of getting an education or earning a steady income evaporate.

This is the reality facing millions of people around the world today. Shockingly, 80 percent of all visual impairment could be prevented or treated. That means that out of the 253 million people estimated to be visually impaired in the world, a staggering 202 million could be able to see today if they had received surgery or glasses - the kind of care that many take for granted.

Map of where we work

Thankfully, Orbis is there to help by bringing people together to fight avoidable blindness and restore vision in resource-poor countries around the world. We work to strengthen and improve eye health systems by partnering with local hospitals, public health agencies, NGOs and governments.

With our vast network of global partners, we mentor, train and inspire local teams so they can not only save sight today, but also create a lasting legacy of quality eye care that will ensure no one goes needlessly blind tomorrow.

Using our unique tools–over 400 expert volunteers, our Flying Eye Hospital and our online telemedicine tool, Cybersight–we equip developing nations with the skills, resources and knowledge they need to deliver quality eye care to their communities for generations to come.

We bring together expert surgeons and village doctors, community nurses and traditional healers, health ministers and community activists, as well as global foundations, corporate partners and individual donors to ensure no one loses their sight to a preventable, treatable disease.

Eliminating avoidable blindness is one of the most cost-effective ways of fighting poverty. Every $1 invested in eye health, equals $4 of economic gain.

With your support, we're changing the way the world sees.

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