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The Checkered Eye Project

Welcome to THE CHECKERED EYE Project page for Orbis Canada!


The Checkered Eye Project is excited to support Orbis Canada and donate 80% of our sales, from Dec. 1st until the end of White Cane Week each year, to Orbis.


If you are here to donate, 100% of it goes to Orbis!


The checkered eye is a wearable symbol that indicates its wearer is on the blindness spectrum.  The Checkered Eye Project brings awareness to the blindness spectrum and its symbols.


If you experience low vision and would like to use the wearable symbol, you can visit our site (www.checkeredeye.com)  to purchase your checkered eyes and part of the funds will come back to Orbis.


It is important to The Checkered Eye Project that we are involved in transforming lives of individuals affected by blindness both by improving understanding of people on the spectrum and facilitating the remedies of treatable eye conditions.  

Orbis is a global non-profit organization with a mission to fight avoidable blindness, restore vision and help ensure no one loses their sight to a preventable, treatable disease. 

Their work is important, and it's important to The Checkered Eye Project to support these efforts!   

I hope you'll help support us by donating and, if you have low vision  and choose to wear a checkered eye, know that purchasing a checkered eye contributes to saving sight. Thank you very much for visiting our page and learning more about Orbis and the Checkered Eye Project! 


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