World Sight Day 2018 - World Sight Day 2018
Team Canada VFs (Volunteer Faculty)

We Salute our Canadian Heroes!

It is the generosity of our Canadian surgeons, doctors, nurses and technicians that make the work of Orbis possible. We celebrate you and all the tremendous impact you have made in the lives of millions of children and their families.

Support Team Canada VFs (Volunteer Faculty)

For over 30 years, Canadian doctors, nurses, engineers and other professionals have been volunteering their time and expertise to Orbis. Travelling to developing countries all over the world to train doctors, build infrastructure and create sustainability in areas that previously did not have adequate eye health services. Canada has sent a huge contingent over the years - Join us as we celebrate our Canadian heroes - they have changed the lives of millions of children and families with their skill and leadership and ultimately - their generosity of spirit. Time to put a spotlight on their efforts and join us in showing our pride and support!

We've accomplished great things together – but there's still more to do.

You can help by making a donation to support our work – and you can spread the word and build awareness on social media!

Remember – It only takes $50 to save the sight of an adult and $100 to restore sight of a child!


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  • Alphonsus Chiu
    $400.00 CAD
  • Bruce Cheung
  • Hope I can help children to recover from sight disease.
  • Polly Leung
  • Serawatt Steven Tang
  • Serawatt Tang
  • Stephen Wortley
  • Anonymous
    $500.00 CAD
  • Anonymous
    $102.00 CAD
  • Anonymous
    $102.00 CAD
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    $100.00 CAD
  • Anonymous
    $100.00 CAD
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